The main view presented in the Blueflow Onboard Display shows a variety of parameters. You will see the current fuel consumption, together with the current speed. This makes it easy to optimize the speed and thus reduce fuel consumption. Practical tests show that 20% total savings is possible. Blueflow also calculates how much fuel is left in the tank and presents it in a fuel gauge. The engines will be shown separately, which allows for early detection of any deviation in fuel consumption.

Blueflow Fuel Display runs on a regular PC with windows installed. Full functionality requires that your PC has access to GPS information. One of Blueflow's watchwords is simplicity. We have worked hard to develop an easily understood system of thoughtful features. No computer knowledge is required to install and work with Blueflow Fuel Display. We are very proud of the vector graphic technology Blueflow uses. It means that the window on the PC is scalable to any size. You can run Blueflow on top of your regular navigation software.

Blueflow Online

Functions & Features

Blueflow Onboard integrates with various other onboard systems and flowmeters to monitor fuel and energy consumption and other paramters in real time.

  • Momentary liters/nautical mile
  • Momentary liters/hour
  • Speed
  • Multi engine support
  • Tank meter
  • Vectorised graphic technology
  • Trip meter with fuel consumption
  • Touch screen support
  • Display dim function
  • Compact view support
  • Customisable
  • CSV file data export support


  • Easy Speed Optimisation

    Easy Speed Optimisation

  • Early Deviation Detection

    Early Deviation Detection

  • 20% Fuel Savings

    20% Fuel Savings