Blueflow Online provides a versatile tool when following up your ships' fuel consumption. Centralized internet servers continuosly monitors every ship and records information about fuel consumption, position, speed and much more.

Powerful statistic functions are used to generate reports and provides the user with full control of the fleet situation. Blueflow continuously develops new functionality after our customers requests.

bf online diagram


Blueflow Online monitors your ships in real time. Current information about fuel consumption is displayed together with ship position, speed and course. 


Detailed Statistic Functions

Monitor Fuel Consumption of a selectable time period. Fuel Consumption is displayed as liter/Nm and liter/hour, and all information is related to vehicle speed. The detailed information is a perfect tool when evaluating fuel saving measures.

bf online diagram

Fuel Profile Charts

Blueflow Online generates Fuel Profile Charts for each ship. These charts reveals your ship's most efficient speed and they are also useful for determine when you should give your ship some service attention. Practical tests have shown that cleaning of the hull may reduce fuel consumption with as much as 20%. Use the charts to evaluate new propellers. The results are instantly shown and easy to understand.


Route Tracking

Blueflow Online also keeps track of your ships' positions. The routes may be viewed over a selected period of time. This function is useful when evaluating your fleet's behavior. Maybe a longer trip in downstream instead of going the shortest way reduces your total fuel consumption?